Yay Stuff

Explore the Joy of YAY! Discover Handpicked Essentials for Home, Travel, and More, Curated by Jennifer J. Hammond

Essentials for
Short Term Rentals

As a real estate investor, I like to share my experience and knowledge. Thus, here are some Great items to set up for your short term rental kitchen and some smart home tech to get you started! YAY! stuff!

Hurricane Prep List

When a storm comes, winter storm, hurricane or even a flood, often it becomes a situation like camping. Thus, I created this list of what I have found useful.

Recommended Reading

Here are some of my favorite books. You can never stop learning, right? YAY!

Kitchen and Home essentials

What you need for your home. This is especially when you have just moved.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts for YOU and for your family and friends! YAY!


These are items you may want for your travels. I really enjoyed them. YAY!